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Right at the heart of the Southeast Asian backpacker loop, Cambodia boasts a thread of pristine white coastline, lush emerald jungles with elephant-trodden trails, ancient cities, straw hut villages and bustling urban hubs — all waiting to be explored at pretty affordable prices.

A Christmas break in Cambodia is sure to be a humbling, exciting, and inspiring experience for all. Strap on your hiking boots and crunch a path through the taigas, rustle up some huskies and experience the rush of a real dog sled, watch the sun go down over the pristine peaks, and then enjoy a traditional Sami meal or sauna while the skies dance with the Aurora Borealis. Hannukah, the Jewish festival of lights, generally coincides with Christmas too, lending to a festive feel across the country.

Beyond the festive call, Israel holds many a treasure for those looking to discover ancient history and make a connection with rich cultures and religions: the Dead Sea, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Massada outcrop, and cosmopolitan Tel Aviv. Spectacular, isolated, and richly biodiverse; the Galapagos Islands are where Charles Darwin first theorised natural selection, and thousands of creatures of the sky and sea call this living laboratory home. December is an interesting month in the region, as the weather transitions from the cool, dry season June to December into the warm and wet season January to June.

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What does that mean for you? The best of both seasons, including the unique wildlife viewing opportunities each brings. No one knows how to throw a party better than the Brazilians, and the festive season in Rio de Janeiro is no exception.

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December is the official start of summer here, and while the Northern hemisphere shivers through winter frost, South Africa is stretching its arms out for long, warm summer days. Those looking for an epic safari experience will find Kruger green and full of new life, while in Cape Town the beaches are buzzing, the views from Table Mountain are at their clearest and prettiest, and the mood is infectiously cheerful.

The warmer months are when Australia truly comes alive, with world-class cricket, tennis, vibrant music festivals, and outdoor cultural events everywhere you look. It is also prime school holiday period, so be sure to book early to maximise your choices and beat the crowds.

Just like its neighbours across the Tasman, New Zealand really comes into its own during the summer months December. What more could you want?! Not looking to travel in December? We've been running small group adventures for 30 years, so we've got a fair few travel tales to share.

Likes: exploring, getting lost, eating, drinking, hiking, driving, flying, sailing, dancing, meeting new people, getting outside of our comfort zone. Dislikes: staying still for too long. These places hit the spot in travelling to December and January! I have even got a special one with places to go where there are less crowds, and slightly offbeat. But away from the beach, Sal has an awe-inspiring Martian interior and some pretty crazy salt lakes — check out our guide for more.

Find cheap flights to Cape Verde. Make sure to take a look at the enormous Christmas tree in Rockefeller Square, which last year was nearly 29 metres tall and lit with around 50, lights.

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And if you can get tickets, check out the glitzy Radio City Christmas Spectacular , featuring the dancing Rockettes and a flying Santa. Find cheap flights to New York. Or you could join the thousands of Thais who flock to see the fireworks at Central World Square — and last year, the crowds were treated to specially arranged bouts of Muay Thai Thai boxing as well, which is certainly a memorable way to ring in the New Year.

Head this way to see our guide to the ten best things to do in Bangkok.

30 places to go for Christmas and New Year for a luxury travel break

Find cheap flights to Bangkok. Find cheap flights to Berlin. Christmas is widely celebrated throughout these Spanish islands, although with the odd tropical twist — head to Las Canteras beach in the city of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria to see the annual display of Christmas-themed sand sculptures. Meanwhile, Playa de las Teresitas in Santa Cruz on Tenerife offers golden sands courtesy of the Sahara Desert: the entirety of this man-made beach was imported from the African mainland. Find cheap flights to The Canary Islands.

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And at New Year, everyone gets down and waltzes like its There are more than 20 Christmas markets in Vienna, many of which run right through Christmas and out the other side. For example, the market held in front of the stunningly lit city hall runs until 30th December, and it offers a warren of wooden stalls selling traditional handicrafts and a smorgasbord of winter food, from gluhwein to sausages topped with grated horseradish.

The concert has been held since and is broadcast to more than 50 million people. For more on what to do in Vienna, from tram rides to watching horses frolic beneath chandeliers, take a look at our guide. Find cheap flights to Vienna.

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The Amsterdam Light Festival runs from 1st December to 22nd January , and transforms the Dutch city into a glittering mass of Christmas lights and displays. We track 11, airfares for flights during the holiday season every day. From this data, we identify the average fare for the most popular markets to bring you the Holiday Flights Report! Shopping for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years flights?

The CheapAir Holiday Flights Report is here just in time to keep holiday flight planning simple and straightforward. Our data scientists have compiled the best airfare intelligence on value airfares for the busy holiday season. The Holiday Flights Report gives customers an edge on their holiday flights!

The 10 Best Places To Spend New Year’s Eve In Europe

Sure, most people think of Thanksgiving as a family holiday. But did you know a lot of people use the long weekend as an excuse to get out of the country altogether?