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Black Friday Laptop Deals: What to Expect

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What is the best cheap laptop for less than $500?

Bill Me Later will use that data under its privacy policy. Microsoft Windows Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows Windows 10 is automatically updated, which is always enabled. See this brilliant deal now. See this excellent deal while it lasts. One of the cheapest HP Chromebook If you need a cheap, portable notebook for research, admin and taking notes in briefings, then you could do much worse than this Chromebook with 4GB memory and 16GB flash storage.

Black Friday Laptop Deals & Sales

Lenovo Ideapad These don't come around often usually, so if it's a large-screened resident of your desktop that you need, and you can't spend a fortune, then try this Lenovo. HP 17 HP has issued a The latest MacBook Pro wins our praise thanks to the remarkable power, immaculate Retina display and vast trackpad.

2. Best Value: Acer Nitro 7

It's an obvious choice for most designers. If you don't mind opting for a refurbished model which will be good as new anyway , this is a brilliant deal on inch MacBook. Microsoft Surface Pro This bundle includes the GB machine, a black type cover and a 3-month free trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan thrown in. If you're worried that the model above isn't quite powerful enough for the professional design programs and large file sizes you'll be playing with, this Core i7 processor version comes with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

Samsung Galaxy Book Wi-Fi It may not have a top-of-the-line Nvidia RTX or anything, but it doesn't need it, either. Just because you're buying a gaming laptop on a strict budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on the features. The Acer Nitro 7 is an excellent example of how to save money and equip yourself with the kind of hardware that will play your favorite games and help you get things done.

Like its pricier competition, it also offers a It boasts impeccable battery life, too, with up to four hours of continuous use before it requires a charge. Perhaps the only caveat of the Nitro 7 is the same issue that plagues other gaming laptops. The lack of physical buttons on the trackpad makes it hard to play some games without an additional mouse. This convertible is a massively powerful gaming laptop.

From the grey exterior to the carbon fiber interior, it may not look like a traditional gaming computer, but thanks to its 8th-gen Intel CPU and Radeon graphics, it sure as hell performs like one. If it's seamless gameplay you're looking for, look no further. As for the 4K touchscreen display, it's one of the best we've ever seen. Colors are vibrant and shadows never seem to lose detail. As the camera panned over the handmaidens—who were standing stock-still in perfect circles in the rain—I couldn't help but admire how weirdly beautiful that bleak world was. There were, however, a few trade-offs.

Battery life is less-than-stellar, so you'll probably want to keep the power adapter with you otherwise you'll need to go outlet-hunting.

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The bottom also runs hot, and to compensate, its cooling system can get really loud. Plus, the stylus isn't included and the webcam looks straight up your nose. Drawbacks aside, it's a very snappy laptop. It scored highly in our processor and graphic card stress tests, making it our runner-up choice for the best gaming laptop.

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  3. 1. Best Overall: Alienware M15!
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It comes equipped with one of the latest RTX chips, features a matte, edge-to-edge However, it lagged behind the Alienware M15 about an hour and 18 minutes in our battery benchmarks, managing a little less than three hours of constant activity. It's a relatively minor difference overall, but it's something to consider if you're often on the road rather than tethered to a power cable.

It also sports a This won't matter too much if you're playing solely with the laptop open, though it also means you won't be able to take advantage of some external displays. Of the laptops with RTX graphics cards, the Predator lasted the longest in our productivity battery test. It managed up to nearly five and a half hours of screen time before ultimately petering out. If the battery is your primary concern in purchasing your next gaming laptop, the Acer Predator Triton is a supreme choice. The best thing about the HP Omen is its display. With its vibrant colors and thin bezels, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

In fact, I'd say it's one of the best displays I've ever seen on a mid-range gaming laptop.

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  • The edgy design is cool, too. With its jet black shell and crimson red accents, you've got just the right amount of flair. I wouldn't say it's a full-on departure from the traditional gaming aesthetic, but it's definitely got a more subtle design.

    The best back-to-school laptop deals - CNET

    As far as gaming laptops go, this design is clean and sophisticated and not as flashy. As with most gaming laptops, the Omen is heavy and not very portable. You can bring it to a friend's dorm, sure, but lugging it from class-to-class might be a problem. It's the kind of laptop that'll probably stay parked on your desk. Another drawback is the placement of the speakers, which are underneath the machine.

    It's not a deal-breaker, per se, but the audio is a little muffled. The Dell G5 is a nice machine for resting on your desk or joining you in class. It's comfortable to type on, can manage a little over five hours of battery life for productivity tasks, and offers a whopping 1TB of hard drive space for your data and games, in addition to a GB SSD for keeping Windows 10 operating smoothly.

    This laptop packs a lot of graphics power, that's for sure.

    Laptop Deals, Sales and Offers

    For just under a grand, you're getting a powerful GPU plus a classy design that strays from the typical gaming aesthetic. The "New" models even offer Intel's quad-core 8th-gen processors. But while there's a lot we love about this laptop, we had a few gripes.

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    The display isn't very bright or colorful and viewing angles are poor. This isn't too surprising because it's a budget gaming laptop, so sacrifices need to be made to keep the cost down. In addition to the disappointing screen, the laptop is bulky and awkward to handle—you're not going to enjoy lugging it around. Nitpicks aside, we feel the Inspiron 15 is still a killer choice, as it's a great laptop for work and play and you can't beat the awesome price.