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There's a way around that. The reason they allow it is they're convinced once you're in the door you'll be hooked. The card is also a way to be disciplined, Demer added. You can leave your cash in the car and have a built-in limit.

Costco comes with a few rules you won't typically find with other retailers. There are no manufacturers coupons allowed, Demer said. Save it for Target.

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And they don't take American Express. So if you show up like I did once and load up your cart only to get to checkout with a Mastercard they won't take and no other payment method, you're out of luck.

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If you find yourself in that position there's an emergency escape route: I went to the service desk and applied for a Costco Citi card. Five minutes later I had my temporary card in hand, and crisis was averted. Oh, and it's BYOB — bring your own bag. Have some giant IKEA bags lying around?

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That'll do the trick. Otherwise you can ask the check-out clerk to help you rustle up some boxes to stash your gallon of mayo in. For one, will you actually use the stuff you buy?

Anyone who has shopped there long enough can attest that they've bought way too much of some incredible deal, making it, of course, not that great a deal after all when they wasted it. I'd have to Swiffer my floors every day for the rest of my life to use our stockpile.

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And there may be better deals elsewhere. Particularly with the health and beauty items, Demer said, prices are often better at drugstores or other retailers where you can combine store promotions like 'buy so many and get a gift card or percentage off' with high value manufacturer coupons. But where the deals are good, they're really, really good. Take toys, Demer said. The way Costco is negotiating these toys they're getting prices that are insane.

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What are some other steals? Other stores can't touch these prices, she said. Some of her other can't-miss bargains include cooking spray, Nutella, organic spinach, construction paper and cheese. Keep in mind that a case of, say, ribs at Costco may have to be taken out on a flatbed, she said, but if you have a group of friends and want to do a big cookout or have room for 60 pounds of Choice prime rib it could be worth it. Another tip comes from reddit user and Costco employee fixxall, who posted "Pro tip: For extra lean and cheap ground beef ask the meat department for a 10lb 'chub. The way we make it is we take our fat trimmings from cutting steaks and mix it with the chubs to bring up the fat content and increase our profits.

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