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In general, the higher the number of pixels, the clearer and sharper the image will be. To determine the equivalent focal length, you multiply the lens's focal length by the appropriate multiplication factor. Most Nikon SLRs have a 1. An Olympus SLR's 2x factor would change a 50mm lens to mm. Shutter speed range Shutter speed range Shutter speed controls the length of time that the camera lets in light to expose the camera's sensor.

This specification shows the range of selectable shutter speeds by defining the minimum and maximum shutter speeds. ISO Max. Memory card Memory card Memory cards indicates the types of memory cards a model can accept if it has a built-in memory-card reader for playback of MP3 audio files or JPEG picture files.

Total weight oz. Total weight For cameras with interchangeable lenses, it is the total weight of the camera body plus the lens it was tested with.

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The battery and memory card are also included in the total weight for all cameras. Height in. Height The height of the camera body is measured in inches and rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch. Width in. Width The width of the camera body is measured in inches and rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch.

Depth in. Depth The depth of the camera body is measured in inches and rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch. Similar Models. Advanced point-and-shoot camera. Related Articles. You no longer have digital access to ratings and reviews. Make a Donation Newsletters Give a Gift.

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Sign in or Become a member. The SX60 also combines a The SX60 offers two methods for composing images and video, either through the bright 3. Each features a k-dot resolution and works with the Zoom Framing Assist function to help track and capture subjects while at the furthest telephoto focal lengths. There is also a High Speed AF that when paired with the 6. Additionally, this camera is capable of RAW image capture.

Also packed into this camera is an Intelligent Image Stabilization system with eight different modes for getting the best possible image depending on the situation. And, in addition to all of the other features, the SX60 has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC for connecting to a compatible mobile device.

Predicted Reliability

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Canon PowerShot SX60 HS review

Numark Line. As you can imagine, there was a small learning curb to use this camera, but basically the knobs and futures were similar to my other cameras. I used a lot of the features on the camera and was not disappointed at all. The videos were great and taking pictures while using the video was a feature that I really liked. The lens reach was great, but there is a slight fuzziness when you get to 65 so I suggest you only take it to around The camera is very comfortable to use and the buttons and dials conveniently placed.

You can judge for yourself after seeing my unedited pictures. I love this camera. The pictures are so clear and high quality. I'm not a professional, I just want something to take pictures of my children and a friend recommended this one and I love it so far. No complaints.

I would definitely recommend this camera. Very nice bridge camera. I don't always like the auto mode, because the camera chooses where to focus, which is not always where I want to focus, so I often use the "P" mode, which gives me more control. For zoom photos, the camera is great. I've noticed that, even when I think the camera is a little shaky, I usually get a good photo see moon photo.

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I attribute that to image stabilization. As well as zoom, the camera is very good for Macro. Usually, however, if I'm taking something like a flower, I stand about 5 feet away and zoom in. The detail is excellent. Overall, this camera is fairly easy to operate. It does have some modes, like "sleeping baby" that I find to be useless. Most of my pictures are of birds and landscapes, so it works well for that purpose.

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Review: One Amazing Ultrazoom

I bought a monopod for additional stability, but find that I don't need it most of the time. Another feature I really like is the pairing with a smart phone. I track location using and iPhone 6, then transfer the location information to the camera. That was an important feature in my decision to buy the camera.

I typically use the viewfinder, but the flip out screen works well too, except in very sunny situations. I am pretty much of an amateur, but had no trouble learning to use the camera. I've owned this camera for about 18 months and have used it in a very wide variety of conditions. In normal daylight conditions and not getting crazy on the zoom, even using the Auto setting, the camera takes very good pictures.

I enjoy stretching the boundaries using Program shooting mode and get some great results. I have two areas that seem to continually give me issues. First is in low light conditions. Even using a wide variety of ISO settings the pictures always seem to be quite grainy and not what I expected when I bought this camera.

Secondly the camera has great difficulty focusing on subjects when using zoom that is near the maximum optical zoom. The camera seems to focus on just about anything except the subject. When shooting these kind of pictures now, I find that I have much better luck using a tripod or even a monopod.

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Trying to shoot long zoom shots handheld always seem to be slightly out of focus. Needless to say this is not ideal and forces me to pack more gear than I would like. I'm going to give this camera one final test before I decide to sell it and get something better. I plan on using a tripod and ND filter to be able to shoot all phases of the Eclipse. I hope these pictures come out well, if not, I will be selling this camera. I have owned 5 other Canon Digital Cameras and this one is by far and away the poorest performing Canon I've ever owned. In my review I will recommend this camera to a friend, but that's not a totally fair response.

I wish there were another option like, Maybe, Maybe Not.

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Unless I switch off between shots, the focus holds the previous shot causing any pictures of a differnt focal distance to be totally out of focus.