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Between more pervasive touch screens and projected images that respond to touch, the idea that anything could be a computing surface doesn't seem so far off.

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Ubi's software seems like a step in that direction. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost. He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV. Microsoft The software from Ubi no relation to the game publisher Ubisoft turns any surface into a touch screen when combined with a projector and Microsoft's Kinect for Windows motion controller.

Turn Your Kitchen Counter Into a Touch Screen

Microsoft Much like Kinect for Windows itself, Ubi's touch screen software is aimed at business uses, such as interactive storefronts and boardroom collaborations. This entry was posted on April 4th, Posted in Vitamin V.

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Vitamin V. No, not built-in displays. Entire surfaces will be usable as interactive computers. It sounds like far-fetched, space-age technology, and expensive, too.

And the idea of replacing choice pieces of your home decor with big screens sounds horrible. But in fact, none of that is the case. That's because touch displays don't require a new counter or fridge.

Coming Soon: Turn Your Kitchen Counter Into a Touch Screen

It's possible even today to convert any surface into an interactive touch display using projected light and camera sensors. This has long been a central feature of Microsoft Home, which is a showcase house built to demonstrate futuristic ideas from Microsoft Research.

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The Microsoft Home kitchen uses projection displays to beam information and recipes right onto the surface of the countertop. The dining room tablet has games projected onto that surface, as well as step-by-step instructions for crafts.

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Even more advanced than Microsoft's prototype is its "Vision" video, which projects into the future pun intended how projector touch displays will work in five to 10 years. A girl builds a product on a touch tablet in this scene: But an overhead projector extends the animation beyond the tablet and onto the table. Then she does the same thing with recipes. Microsoft actually has a patent for this and could even ship the technology this year in the next version of its Xbox gaming system.

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  • Coming Soon: Turn Your Kitchen Counter Into a Touch Screen.
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Her dad checks the contents of the fridge without opening the door, also with a projector touch display. As such, it will have limited exclusivity in message transmissions between service providers and their customers and it will maintain an address databank on all users.

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As such, its name will be at the top of the list each time users are offered a choice of delivery companies to home-deliver their purchases. Canada Post spokesperson Jean-Maurice Filion says the national mail carrier plans to offer a wide array of pay-per-use services such as targetted, electronic direct mailings by companies and casual electronic letter delivery between users.

As the official financial transaction partner, National Bank of Canada stands to earn on many of the financial transactions performed on ubi. There will be three ways to pay for a product or service bought from a ubi supplier: by using a bank account debit card, credit card or the ubi smart card.

National Bank will receive a fee each time a user debits his or her bank account, using a bank debit card, or credit card account, using a credit card. National Bank, which has branches in Quebec, plans to introduce a plethora of banking services on ubi.

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Already, it has plans to let its customers do everything from their home they can already do on an automated teller machine, except withdraw cash. As well, they will be able to carry out housekeeping details such as ordering cheques and making a change of address.

February 7, At least one route of the electronic superhighway will soon be paved and open for traffic.

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